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It can be hard to find out the cause of
ovulation problems. Possible causes may

  • Hormone imbalances. Most women with ovulation
    problems have hormone imbalances. An example of a condition that causes a hormone imbalance is polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). Other ovulation problems can start in the
    ovaries or in the
    pituitary gland and
    hypothalamus. (They produce hormones that regulate the
    menstrual cycle.) These hormones are vital to normal
  • Structural problems. Problems in the structure
    of the ovaries (such as
    ovarian cysts) or other
    reproductive organs can cause changes in a woman’s ovulation schedule.
  • General medical problems. Problems that
    affect the
    metabolism (such as
    thyroid problems) can affect a woman’s ovulation
    schedule. So can serious illness, emotional stress,
    overweight and low weight, and getting too much exercise.
  • Cancer treatment. Exposure to certain kinds of
    chemotherapy or radiation can damage the egg supply in the ovaries.

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