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Looking for a cause of
infertility can be a brief process or can become a
financially, emotionally, and physically demanding succession of tests and
procedures. Before you start infertility testing, take some time together to
talk about how far each of you is willing to go.

Think about:

  • How you feel about having invasive testing if
    initial sperm and blood tests find no infertility cause.
  • What types
    of treatment you each might be willing to have.
  • How much money
    you have to spend on testing; treatment; and pregnancy, labor, and delivery
  • Whether you have alternate plans for parenting, such as
    adoption, and the time and financial resources needed to carry out your plans.

Ideally, your doctor will help you stop and assess your plan and
options at each step of the way. If you feel that you are being pushed to make
decisions without enough information or support from your doctor, consider
finding another one.

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ByHealthwise Staff
Primary Medical Reviewer Kathleen Romito, MD – Family Medicine
Adam Husney, MD – Family Medicine
Specialist Medical Reviewer Femi Olatunbosun, MB, FRCSC – Obstetrics and Gynecology

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