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By week 24, you may have noticed some jerking movements inside your belly-or even seen them on the outside! Repetitive, jerky movements usually mean your baby has the hiccups. Hiccups are perfectly normal and can last anywhere from a minute to an hour.

Wondering what your baby looks like now? As you enter your seventh month of pregnancy, your baby is about the size of a cantaloupe. Average baby length is 210 mm (8.3 in.). And average baby weight is 630 g (1.4 lb).

How your baby is changing

Here are some of the important facts and developments around 24 weeks.

  • This month, the fetus is still building up body fat and
    starting to put on a lot of weight.
  • At this size, a fetus is still
    small enough to change position a lot-from head-down to feet-down, or even
    sideways. You will feel more movement or less movement at certain times of the
    day and night.
  • At 23 weeks of pregnancy, the eyes show rapid eye
  • In rare cases, babies survive birth at 22 weeks, but
    generally, the lungs cannot yet breathe air.


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