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An injury to the genital area can cause severe pain.
Usually the pain subsides over the course of a few minutes to an hour. Severe
pain does not always mean that your injury is severe. After an injury to the
genital area, it is important that you watch for urinary problems.

Other injuries that can cause problems with the
urinary tract include:

  • A blow to your back.
  • A penetrating
    injury (trauma) or a pelvic fracture.
  • Sexual
  • Placing an object in the

You may feel uneasy if your health professional brings up the
issue of sexual abuse. Health professionals have a professional duty and legal
obligation to evaluate the possibility of abuse. It is important to consider
this possibility, especially if there were no witnesses to an injury.


ByHealthwise Staff
Primary Medical Reviewer William H. Blahd, Jr., MD, FACEP – Emergency Medicine

Current as ofMarch 20, 2017

Current as of:
March 20, 2017