Healthcare Resources | Find the Best Sources to Manage Your Health


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Healthcare Resources | Find the Best Sources to Manage Your Health

Here we have compiled some of the best healthcare resources for consumers and patients, and we have broken them down into these five easy-to-browse categories: medical information, user search tools (ex. finding doctors), medical finance, health tracking resources, and healthcare communities. Our team has spent a considerable amount of time compiling these healthcare resources so take advantage of them today!

1. The Best Healthcare Information Sites

The team at have selected the best healthcare resources that we regularly recommend to consumers for medical information. These healthcare resources are ready with medical information for you today! 
Best Healthcare Websites for Consumers
Best Healthcare Websites For Men and Women
Best Healthcare Websites For Kids
Best Healthcare Websites for Senior Citizens
Best Websites About Prescriptions and Supplements

2. Useful Search Tools for Patients
Need information about where to find clinical trials, doctors and caregivers, and health screenings? We have listed the most reputable sources for finding these health search tools.
Clinical Trials Search Tools
 Resources for Finding Doctors and Caregivers
• Telemedicine (Online Doctors) Information
• Health Screenings

3. Medical Finance for Patients
Medical Finance and Insurance can be overwhelming, we know. So we have compiled the best resources to make figuring out your medical finance and insurances a little easier. Medical information is already hard enough to deal with; don’t stress about the finances.  
Medical Finance and Insurance Information for Patients

4. Helpful Personal Health Tracking Sites
Make use of these forward thinking health tracking websites and mobile applications, including fitness tracking, food & nutrition tracking, personal health record softwares, and tools to increase your medical adherence. It’s hard to tell what’s going on with your body if your don’t utilize health tracking resources.
• Best Apps and Websites for Health Tracking
• Best Fitness Tracking Apps and Websites
• Best Food & Nutrition Tracking Apps and Websites
• Resources to Take Your Meds On Time (Medical Adherence)
• Personal Health Records (PHR)

5. The Best Patient Healthcare Communities
Dealing with an illness can be scary so take advantage of the numerous healthcare communities that are waiting for you to connect to. These healthcare communities offer medical information from doctors, support groups, health trackers, etc.
• Best Healthcare Communities