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About Hunt Regional Community Hospital

Hunt Regional Community Hospital based in Greenville served the Northeast Texas region with an extensive list of outpatient and diagnostic services from surgery to cancer care to open imaging.
Hunt Regional Medical Center provides emergency care at a Level IV trauma facility, the facility also features Mary Rich-Lynch Cardiac Rehabilitation Center, Lou & Jack Finney Cancer Center, Hunt Regional’s Vein Center, Hunt Regional Surgery Center, and Truett & Margaret Crim Maternity Center.

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  • critical Access Rating 2.3
(36 reviews)

Brooke Bozman

Dr. Phoung was very patient and kind. I felt confident in his approach to repairing my mother's advanced hietal hernia. We also had a nurse by the name of Tarrah that was extremely informative and attentive to my mother during her stay. Our overall experience has been great!! Thank you Hunt Regional Staff.

Heather Melothrien

Do yourself a favor and just believe every bad review. There is nothing good about this hospital. ER, billing, nursing, doctors, testing are all bad. I have not experienced NICU or cancer unit, but all else is just horrible. I don't know how these people could improve. If you get good care here, you are lucky. I have had to go many times unfortunately, and just keep getting sicker. I also have relatives who are suffering at their hands. There is a "good ole boy" network at this hospital and they band together to make sure you do not get what you need if you have to complain so don't. Just go elsewhere.

dakota lyn

If you go here for a broken bone I recommend going and getting a second opinion. Hurt my foot and was told nothing was broken, as what the radiologist reported and that it was just sprained. I went to a different doctor and they found the break right off the bat. A couple of weeks later I had to get another xray at the hospital, the same radiologist noted nothing was broken still. This is the second time it's happened, to me and one of my family members.

Darrell Hall

I was admitted to the ICU for a few days and had a heart catheterization. I wanted to thank the nursing staff, they took very good care of me.... especially a nurse named Macy...she remembered me when I arrived back in the ER a couple days later!! Thank you Macy!! You go above and beyond!!

Starla Davis

Wound care staff is awesome. They are caring up lifting professional. They made me feel important part of their family. After three weeks of hyperbaric oxygen treatment I was healed. Thank you for all you have done and do for all.