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Consumer feedback about Kaiser Foundation Hospital - Redwood City

Sophia M
Sophia M

1 out of 5 stars

posted 3 weeks ago

Update: Kaiser may give all nurses an “orientation” prior to working independently, but it doesn’t mean it’s actually adequate and I know for a fact that Kaiser often does one day orientations when nurses float to other floors. In addition, I was told by the nurses there that Kaiser was NOTTT giving orientation and trying to force their mother and baby nurses to the ED/ICU. Which is incredibly ludicrous and unsafe, and not patient centered care. Finally, Kaiser’s “nursing competency education” has little to do with actually learning and becoming a better nurse; their version of annual required education has to do with learning how to use their algorithms for assessing patients, versus actually learning critical thinking skills and anticipating abnormal changes in patients.


The food was pretty good. The nursing care was abysmal. If Member Services writes after this that I should reach out and speak to them, it's insincere. I already contacted them twice because each time they've butchered what I called about. The poor communication between nurses, the lack of quality of care by nurses that ultimately led to me having complications. Kaiser is fine if you don't actually get sick, or have normal deliveries/diagnoses, but that's it. Don't expect your nurses to advocate for you. Oh yeah, Kaiser has also been pushing their L&D/mother and baby nurses to work into the adult ED/ICU without properly training them... is that who you'd like taking care of your family members?

Chandan Damannagari
Chandan Damannagari

1 out of 5 stars

posted 5 months ago

Update - Don’t believe for a second that because they respond to the comments here, that they care for their customers or address their issues. It is a joke. KP made me run around in circles, made me waste four more hours of my time and still did zero to address my situation. The WORST customer service experience in my life. I will make it my goal to make sure that they don’t get any business from my friends or my company ever again. Cheats and fraudsters!!

Terrible experience at the KP Redwood City location. They lied and charged me for a visit that they said was covered both on the phone and during the visit! And when I filed a complaint, they said that they will educate their employees to better answer questions in the future but they would still need to charge me. I can’t believe that they are cheating people so blatantly!!


4 out of 5 stars

posted 1 month ago

Update - Kaiser now has sports medicine and PT for active people. Had a session this morning and am happy with the appointments. Very thorough gave me a workout plan and will have follow up appointments for more therapy and guidance.

This is a review for the Physical Therapy department only-

I've been to physical therapist before to treat facet issues in my lower back at MORE PT in Foster City. Part of the therapy included coming in two to three times a week, a warmup via the therapist instructions, therapist work on my back for 30 minutes, icing, then followed by workouts to build my core. This lasted for slightly over two months and thanks to them I recovered with out steroid injections.
I recently hurt my neck with facet joint swelling and began the process of what I thought would be a similar PT experience at Kaiser Redwood City Physical Therapy. I was wrong... they gave me homework to do which consisted of three neck exercises, said to stand up straight, gave me literature and sent me on my way. No traction, no PT, no follow ups... One appointment. You're in and you're out. I've talked to friends who have the same issue and their treatment elsewhere is much more like the experience I had at MORE therapy...which I was expecting at Kaiser Redwood City Physical Therapy. Major disappointment in this group. It all comes down to whoever runs the PT at Kaiser.

Jake Wiseman
Jake Wiseman

2 out of 5 stars

posted 3 months ago

My brother had a double lung transplant done here and the family had to stay nearby. It was extremely hard to find a place to stay in the area for a reasonable price and the hospital would not offer any suggestions on where to stay nearby. It was really important my brother be close to the hospital for his recovery but we couldn't find anything close to the hospitals campus.


5 out of 5 stars

posted 1 week ago

Best place to be born. The billion reasons why would not fit here.

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