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801 W River St, Ozark, AR 72949, USA
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Consumer feedback about Mercy Hospital Turner Memorial

Rating: 1 /5

Everett Walker

Extremely rude doctors! Dr. Brooks.....with an attitude like yours there is NO DOUBT you are clearly in this profession for the money and not to help others. You told my wife "sorry I was woke at 4am". Isn't that your job! Sorry emergencies don't schedule around you! My son woke up terrified having a asthma attack and all you can do is be condescending and rude towards them?! Just another jerk on a long list. Go somewhere else!

Rating: 4 /5

billy dyer

Good service, clean, no waiting but my wife was having chest pains, all blood work and diagnosed made within the hour good job

Rating: 1 /5

Knight Debra

My husband went to er Sunday they did blood work eeg xray of chest and said they didn't know what was wrong and that if it happens again that he shouldn't come back there. Wednesday he was admitted for sepsis so the er doctor sucks

Rating: 2 /5

Barbara Sampley

I have been at the hospital with my grandma for over three hours and she still has not seen the doctor. The nursing staff is great but the services from the doctor isn't. (Arrived at 9...its 12:39....)

Rating: 1 /5

Joshua Starnes

Band-Aid station - except they'll make you wait several hours and give you a horribly incompetent doctor to apply said Band-Aid. The most expensive Band-Aid you'll ever get charged for..