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Consumer feedback about Mesa View Regional Hospital

Rating: 1 /5

Karen Ransdell

The lack of care and consideration that I recently experienced in the emergency room still has my head shaking. Dr on at the time was less that caring!!! (won't mention the name yet) After taking my adult son in for acute abdominal pain (the rolling on the floor type of pain), he was sent home with drugs. 24 hours later, back in the emergency room with Dr. Johnson, who is great by the way, and my son is literally dying. How could they miss a perforated colon, 24 hours prior??? Taken by ambulance to Dixie where in less than 1 hour was in emergency surgery to save his life. Who dropped the ball on this one?

Rating: 1 /5

Linda Ford

Took my husband to the ER for severe knee pain said he hadn't injured it that we knew of. They did do an ultrasound for a blood clot negative and an xray. The doctor came in and said well it's not broken no kidding! Gave him naproxen and said go see your primary care. Hello we've already told you we are here for the winter 3 times our primary care is 6 hours away.So after at least 4 hours the knwe is worse now. What a waste of time and don't know how much money! So can't say much except I guess unless you're bleeding or on your death bed they're no help.

Rating: 1 /5

XJazary X

Don't go here. They are a for profit hospital, they nit not care even a little about you or your health i went into the emergency room and was just fed a bunch of drugs and not even the ones I actually needed and now suffering withdrawals from them i want given proper info before taking these. they will drug you and send you off that's all. Seriously disapprove of this place.

Rating: 2 /5

Alexes Bunch

Hubby was NPO for a stress test and he had to wait nearly forever afterwards to eat again after persistent questioning the staff when will the results be in? And then they placed his tray of food by his door when he still couldn't eat. This hospital needs to learn healthcare from their neighbor in st george utah..

Rating: 1 /5

Grimlinks J.

Very unclean, Got a very nasty fungal infection and risked loosing my finger after it turned green. Avoid like the Plague