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About Moore County Hospital District

Moore County Hospital District is a Critical Access Hospital located in the High Plains of Texas in the town of Dumas, the hospital first opened its doors in 1948. The emergency department in MCHD features a level IV trauma center, on the other hand; the hospital provides a full range of medical services for both inpatient and outpatient. MCHD hospital inpatient services include medical surgeries, ICU, Labor & Delivery, Imaging, Laboratory, Respiratory Care, Nutritional & Social services, and Patient Education while the Outpatient services include Home Health, Hospice, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, Sleep Disorder Lab, Surgical Services, and Self-referral mammography.

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  • Acute Care Hospitals

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Me Ger

The "care" provided at this place is a joke. I had a simple outpatient procedure done a while back and it was the worst experience of my life. I left with a staph infection, the nurses had not even put me into their computer so they were not checking on me so I had to call for help, and was told that I did not get to ask for a tray of food because the cafeteria or whatever they have in this "hospital" did not know I was even there! The food was the worst I have ever had anywhere bar none! Then as if that was not bad enough the "girl" who took my order, Margarita, was a stupid fake smiling, barely English speaking ugly elf looking rude person. She was impatient with me and acted like I was the biggest inconvenience in her life because I guess when the nurses finally did put me in the system, she had to come back and take my order. This place needs a careful scrutinizing. It is horrible!

Lillian Carol Russell

I was very happy with the care I received while in the hospital here for some minor surgery a few years ago. I started doing some volunteer work and found all the staff to be very friendly & courteous! The hospital is clean and when volunteering at the nursing home, I have witnessed the staff watching over the patients with the greatest care, love & compassion. I will not mind when it is time for me to go into this nursing home. I've been to visit many others in other states & they were not so nice.

Cat B

Registration was rigid and made me feel like I stole something. I'm surprised I wasn't finger printed and put in a jail cell. I was just going in for an ultrasound. I'm scared to have my child here now. Customer service and people skills would make a world of difference in this establishment.

Joshua Bailey

Wonderful nurses and caring providers. The community is privelaged to have such a quality hospital

Evan Hodge

Dumas Hospital told my mom that she was having muscle spasms when it actually turned out to be sever amount of gallstones which ended up almost killing her as one of them became lodged in the bile duct when they were passing. After about 8 months of of being hospitalized at BSA in Amarillo due to the gallstones causing pancreatitis, making it where my mom had to be tube fed, she finally returned home. However, her feet started to become numb. When we went to Dumas Hospital, they told her to go home, take a shower, and walk it off. We later learned again from BSA that she had sever nerve damage due to guillain-barré syndromes and if she had waited two more days it would have made its way into her lungs, killing her. If you are thinking of going to this hospital, don't. Just go to Amarillo. They will take better care of you.