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Consumer feedback about Pioneer Memorial Hospital

Pioneer Memorial Hospital
Reviewed from Google

2.2 out of 5 stars

Blas Elguezabal
Blas Elguezabal

5 out of 5 stars

posted 3 weeks ago

I had to take an elderly friend to the hospital in heppner recently and i was very pleased with the level of care. The staff was prompt, knowledgeable and professional. Im glad that we have an experienced medical team in our community that treats each patient like family.
If we would of had to have gone to hermiston my friends condition could have become life threatening.

Rick Smith
Rick Smith

1 out of 5 stars

posted 6 months ago

,these guys are not doctors they shouldn't even look at the cattle they are never was so unhappy in my life the MD's there do not help you not care God go somewhere else if you can possibly do it then good luck

robin james
robin james

1 out of 5 stars

posted 1 year ago

This was the worst hospital I have ever been to.Inexperienced nurses ,rude,have no clue what they are doing.And as for the Dr.on call ,They must have called him in from the local tavern.We had a 3 yr. old child with 4th degree burns and they couldn’t even thread an IV.Dr had no experience on what to do.They did nothing for the baby,not even pain meds They just said to take him to Seattle burn center,but they did Not arrange transport

Lori B
Lori B

1 out of 5 stars

posted 2 years ago

I have NEVER had a worse experience than I had at this hospital! I was seen in the ER by Dr. Daniel Hambleton on 2 different occasions. On the first occasion I was in Afib & he checked my pulse & stated "you just converted." He later stated "you were never in Afib." This makes NO sense!
Then, I went into the ER on May 3, 2016 & had the misfortune of being treated by Dr. Hambleton, again. I had a pulsing headache through my temples, 103 degree fever, severe abdominal pain & informed I had diarrhea for months. I informed I hadn't been able to keep down fluids for 3 days, due to vomiting. All he did was accuse me of watering down my urine & accused me of "shopping for pain medication." He had the nurse put a Qtip in my nose to check for the flu & shine a bright light in my eyes, which made my already horrible migraine even worse! I am not a nurse, but even I know, when a patient is severely dehydrated they should be given intravenous fluids! He said he couldn't give me pain medication because "I had a ton of opiates in my urine." I had taken a Norco 3 days prior, because of the unbearable abdominal pain! That is how dehydrated I was, it showed up 3 days later because I couldn't keep anything down! After stating he couldn't give me pain medicine, because of not knowing how much I had in my system & stating it could be fatal....he gave me pain medication! I asked him if it was possible that I could have an infection, since I had a fever of 103. He stated "no, you just have a virus." I became so sick that my roommate had to force me to go to Good Shepherd, in Hermiston where an ER doctor did a CT scan only to find out I had colitis & that my colon was close to perforating! They did a stool sample & found that I had C. Dificile!
After I was diagnosed I called to discuss this with Dr. Hambleton, who only made excuses! He said "you went to Hermiston a week later, a lot can change in a week. If we'd done a CT scan it wouldn't have shown anything." WHAT?! I made it VERY CLEAR I had abdominal pain & diarrhea for MONTHS!!! If he had even apologized, or shown ANY concern I wouldn't be so upset, however, all he did was yell at me & make excuses!
I had another bad experience with this hospital, when I was in Afib & had to listen to a doctor & nurse yell at each other, but at least they showed concern...especially the nurse!
I would be afraid to even trust doctor Hambleton to treat me for a cold! When I told him I felt he didn't care at all he stated "I have a whole community out there who knows I care."
So, basically, that tells me he may have treated me so badly because I was from out of town?
I was going to stay living in Fossil, however, I was forced to move because of the poor medical care & with my heart issues I was TERRIFIED of ending up in the ER at Pioneeer Memorial, & once again, trusting my life to Dr. Hambleton! It was AMAZING that my colon didn't perforate from his misdiagnosis & that I am still alive!!!
Even having to give him 1 star is just sad, considering he treated me as if I wasn't even worth giving water to...LITERALLY! If he had given me IV fluids that may have taken care of the headache, but, he didn't even do that!!!
Instead, he gave me pain medication, after stating it could be fatal to do so, & that is the LAST thing that should be given to someone suffering from C. Diff!!!
It is months later, & I now have severe PTSD from this experience, nightmares & SEVERE anxiety that I doubt will EVER go away!!!

Jamie Rankin
Jamie Rankin

3 out of 5 stars

posted 6 years ago