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125 SW 7th St, Williston, FL 32696, United States
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Consumer feedback about Regional General Hospital Williston

Rating: 1 /5

Still Learning

Where to begin, let me say I understand this is a small county hospital. I understand they were short staffed. I understand my son’s cough was not an emergency. But seriously, when a nurse sits across the room and asks us what the numbers are on BP machine because she doesn’t want to get up!, the “receptionist “ can’t answer any questions- oh wait she did, all were I DON’T KNOW. The Dr was polite, but either exhausted or can’t speak English. Don’t get me started on the “waiting room” . My son was agitated from his four hour wait, he was spouting off . I was just advising him of their situation, when the ER nurse ripped him a new one! For all those who do not understand this, she blatantly told him “he was not an emergency, there we’re people with limbs cut off and REAL emergency’s in the back”. Yes you will note that, this is in quotations. OMG - the best part was when two ambulance drivers did in fact come in with a pt. on the bed and told them” we’re sorry but we can’t even get a hold of you” Ya know- plz do remember I said in the beginning I understand their dilemma. What I don’t understand is the lack of patient respect, the lack of professionalism, the lack of a decent ER. If I ever win the lottery, I would donate to this Hospital. Just so the employees would like and respect their jobs, just because Williston needs it .

Rating: 1 /5

Aereal Parise

The director "Randy" advised me no food or drink... he stood in the hallway and interrupted us speaking with the triage nurse. I told him I would dispose of it in a moment. He quickly developed a nasty attitude. Mind you, we are in the ER with an urgent matter. He rudely kept speaking when I was clearly trying to finish a sentence with the nurse. (I JUST bought a cappuccino from the machine and we were called back within minutes, it was still too hot to drink) Making sure I didn't have a beverage was clearly more important than my daughter's issue. Obviously a power and control issue, since I was not intending to spill or harm anyone with it... I just needed my caffeine. Disgusting demeanor all around. When in the other room where blood was drawn, there were ants crawling on the floor and a dung beetle on the wall.... Otherwise the doctor and nurses were helpful. Will not recommend or return to this establishment.

Rating: 1 /5

Leona & Benda Bauer/Coker

1-Had to ring a bell to enter the emergency room. I've been to many hospitals in my life and never had to ring a bell. 2- staff is slow as heck. 3- took forever to get test done. I do want to get props to the lady in the xray department she was on point. Also wanna give props to the lady who did the ekg she was on point as well. I do not recommended this hospital to anyone who is having chest pains at any age.. After 3 hours of waiting the nurses took off to lunch while they had people waiting to be seen. I wilp never take my son to this hospital again.

Rating: 1 /5

Misfit Meows

I was diagnosed with swimmers ear, and they gave me these ear drops which apparently worked as eye drops as well for 50$ After 2 days, the pain did not go away! No matter what, the pain stayed the same. I went to another clinic to see if something else was going on. The clinic I went to said that these ear drops that the hospital gave me were not going to work at all because those were for ear infections and very mild swimmers ear. My point is, that 50$ was wasted thanks to the Williston Hostpital. :(

Rating: 5 /5

Kenneth Justice

My wife was having extremely bad case of back pain and bowel blockage. The Dr and nurses were very prompt at diagnosing the problem and she was discharged after about 2 hours. As ER visits go, that's pretty fast. We were very pleased with the care and service provided at this hospital. Thanks to all the staff for a job well done!