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235 W 6th St, Reno, NV 89503, United States
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Consumer feedback about Saint Mary'S Regional Medical Center

Rating: 1 /5

Matt Wellcraft

Wouldn't trust a life with this place. E.R. did not provide first aid for head truma injury, not even a bag of ice. Passed over for 2 hours waiting. Renown was great, timely, and received appropriate treatment for what was diagnosed as a concussion.

Rating: 1 /5

Samantha Samra

Got in a very bad car accident and both me and my boyfriend got transported by ambulance we both had the same impact from the accident but my boyfriend was so worried about me and he was hurt they should have calmed him down since their the doctors and did tests on him. Instead they didn't do any tests nor calm him down!!! We had to go back to the er the next day for another visit when the test should have been ordered after the traumatic accident!!! I got a head injury and they never even told me i had to read it on my discharge papers myself that I also needed to be watched over for the next 48 hrs. NEVER TOLD ME!!!!!!!!! Talk about neglect!! These doctors give me such bad anxiety when I already have it! Doctors nowadays get into this career for the wrong reasons nowadays it's all about the money screw the patients we're all a cattle call! God honest truth sad! Sad! Sad! I Wish I could give 0 stars!!!!!

Rating: 1 /5

Irate Nate

I am an out of pocket paying patient. I had x rays done, and it cost me $1100. They waited about 5 months to notify me. When they did, I called and had them send me a financial packet that was for a partial, to full discount. I called the payment center, and the man agreed that it wouldn't be sent to collections anytime soon as long as I submitted the financial packet for approval. I sent it and never heard anything back until collections notified me. Now I owe collections. I could have paid the 50% cash up front fee, but the man told me to submit my packet and it should get approved. Not to mention, WHENEVER I have visited that hospital, the service is always slow. When I had gotten my x rays, I didn't even get all of the pictures that my chiropractor asked for. The first lady sent me to the second lady for ex rays, and the second lady didn't even know why I was there. When I had gotten my x rays taken, they had a college student taking them, and he didn't seem like he really know what he was doing. Neither did the lady. She had to call the first lady to ask why I was there, she couldn't take my word for it. If you need a hospital, I'd recommend renown where service is always fast and friendly. Not to mention, it isn't crowded in downtown Reno. I gave this review 1 star, I'd have given it a half-star if applicable.

Rating: 5 /5

Katie Bramlett

My father passed away 8/15 at 525 pm on the 3rdfloor oncology unit. As an RN my expectations are high and they were met and succeeded by the wonderful staff. The charge nurse that day was incredible; supportive and sympathetic. I will always appreciate their kindness and professionalism

Rating: 5 /5

Suzanne Huesby

My husband had a very serious medical issue. Every nurse we encountered was awesome and attentive. We were blown away that with each shift change, the next nurse was just as good. Doctors were informative and experienced. I felt confident having my husband health in their hands