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Consumer feedback about Summit Pacific Medical Center-Swing Bed Unit

Summit Pacific Medical Center
Reviewed from Google

2.9 out of 5 stars

Crystal Willis
Crystal Willis

1 out of 5 stars

posted 1 week ago

Submit Pacific Medical Center was the only place with beds open. I fly in from Arizona and arrive there at 2am. I found the monitor tech with her feet up, covered in a blanket, ASLEEP!
My mom had been there for 3 days, she's still in her same clothes from admission, no gown, no clean panties- NOTHING! My sister Lillian and I asked for a gown, cleaned her up the best we could and changed her into clean undies, and a gown. From what I seen I highly doubt a skin check was done, my mom confirmed when I asked her if anyone looked over her skin. When mentioned to the RN, she did not even look her skin it when in the room. That did not impress me, how about we take some action for preventative care. She had been there 3 days, with no SCDs, no TED hose, no blood thinners-NOTHING FOR BLOOD CLOT PREVENTION! She was not allowed to ambulate even to the bathroom, so she's at risk.

My dad was also admitted here and was later transferred to the ICU at Swedish in Issaquah. I went with him, my mom was still at SPMC. On day 4 no linen change, no shower- nothing even after requested. She's contact guard at the most, just needing set up. We can help if needed, but atleast offer or discuss it. Don't have an attitude because she asked. Don't have an attitude when asked to empty her commode. I took her potty and took care of it while there, but when I'm not your job duties should not be shrugged off. This is a small hopsital, with few patients and no cardiologist. They had the time, especially if you have time to chat at the nurses station or even nap.

My dad was on "comfort care" when I arrived they said because his heart and lungs were overloaded with fluids and his heart was tired.. He's a DNR, which we all knew, BUT that does not mean we do not do small interventions which can be life saving. LIKE GIVE LASIX, his potassium was fine so what the hell was the problem?! Why wait until his BP drops more and needs pressors?!. My dad is NOT a comfort care patient and deserved options. I'm beyond thankful he was transferred to Swedish, before we even entered his new room, labs were drawn, x-rays were completed, and meds were ordered etc.
He literally went from 5Liters open Oxy mask, struggling to breathe and talk. Less than 24 hours later, he was on room air maintaining his oxygen stats, eating, and we even went for a couple walks. His HR and O2 maintained aswell. This was because he had Lasix, steroids, and abx. They took preventative measures from the start with out me asking. Anticipating needs of a patient is good nursing practice.
In addition, they failed to send his ECHO results to Swedish. I had to call myself, and I assure you I was not rude but I was condescending. .

Last but not least, I can Identify a fall risk patient when I see one and so can my aunt who is an RN. So when I see an older woman in bright red socks, unsteady on her feet, and confused. I assume she's a fall risk patient. Not to mention her room was directly across from the nurse station. Clear giveaway.

So please explain to me how this woman is standing outside her room looking for anyone, and no alarms sounded and no nursing staff was near. She and I stood in the hall talking for a few minutes until finally I decided to take her to her room to have a seat and talk about the snow until someone was outside at the nurses station. This happened the next night aswell. My aunt texted me when I was at Swedish that it happened a second time. I understand alarms agitate patients at times and some families prefer none, BUT that means eyes on that patient.

This was my experience in a short 24 hours and I honestly was afraid to leave my mom at Summit Pacific Medical Center. It was already hard emotionally, especially when you get a call saying "your father is on comfort care" and not having enough information to think straight. It's hard to handle stress itself, but I shouldn't not have the added worry she is not getting proper treatment.

My parents are home. Im in healthcare and understanding the demands, but this was negligent.

Don Stoney
Don Stoney

1 out of 5 stars

posted 2 months ago

Terrible billing department. They do not process claims reasonably or responsibly and will take you to collections to cover their mistakes

Andrew Hooper
Andrew Hooper

5 out of 5 stars

posted 6 months ago

I love this medical center! I love that it is more than a hospital and has brought critical primary care services to the community, including naturopathic physicians, pediatrics, and urgent care. I love that there will be a wellness center in 2019 that will have more healthcare providers, as well as space for community cooking lessons, more physical therapy space, as well as ways to engage the whole family in wellness. There will be a climbing wall, a playground, an outdoor adult fitness area, as well as a fitness trail. I love their focus on helping make the community healthier while still providing essential health care services.

Connie Lopez
Connie Lopez

1 out of 5 stars

posted 4 months ago

So this review is not about the doctor because we adore Dr Hutton. This is about being told to reschedule twice.the first appt we were on time for and they failed to tell us they scheduled us with the mccleary clinic. So we got ready to go there and they told us to call in the am and reschedule with Hutton. We called and they scheduled us for that afternoon. I ended up with a flat tire and so I called to make sure they could still see us. She said yes and gave me the address...THE WRONG ADDRESS!! So I end up at a business at the wrong address and they were able to give me the correct address. I get there, tell them what happened, please get us in he's been running a fever for a week...sorry irs over 5 minutes, you'll have to reschedule! Are you kidding me. I'm willing to wait, just get him seen. Oh so sorry, the nurse said you'll have to reschedule. If I didn't like Hutton so much I would have told them exactly what I thought. I know I was 8 minutes late, but take the circumstances, the sick baby, and use a brain, not a rule. Rules are made to be broken with exceptions.

Haylie Yeager
Haylie Yeager

5 out of 5 stars

posted 3 weeks ago

Love this hospital and the staff!

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