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9 reviews

About TMC Bonham Hospital

TMC Bonham Hospital is a 25-bed critical care hospital offering both primary care and specialty physicians.
The emergency room is a designated level IV trauma facility by the Texas Department of State Health Services, it is also an approved level 3 support stroke facility.
TMC Bonham Hospital provides both inpatient and outpatient services including cardiopulmonary, GI & endoscopy, radiology, rehabilitation (physical, occupational, speech), sleep lab, and swing bed.

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  • Intensive Care Unit
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  • Emergency Department
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  • Critical Access Hospitals
  • critical Access
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  • Governmental
  • County
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  • Swing Beds
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$61,311,019 Rating 3.1
(9 reviews)

Barbara Kitchens

They reather hand out pain pills to crack heads then treat children that need help. crackhead told the nurse what kind of pill he wanted and she got it for him I should walk past my child multiple times while the machine and his room was going off and flat-out ignored him that one person spoke to me or my child as we arrived into the room his machine went off for about 30 minutes and no one came in to turn it off after I went it said something to them I told him that I was taking my son home that they wanted to come in there and act like they cared they care more about the crackhead across the hall telling them what kind of pain meds he wanted and they did about my nine-year-old son that is sick and throwing up and complaining of sharp stabbing pain. I made the mistake of going back to that hospital thinking they Exchange nothing change about that hospital besides the staff and they're still all shity I'll never make that mistake again of giving them another chance

Magan Sparkman

I can not express my gratitude enough for the medical professionals in the Emergency Department!!! My youngest child had a SEVERE allergic reaction to a medication he was prescribed. His lips, face, eyes, ears, and neck we swollen to the point I couldn't even tell who he was!! Terrifying! The team there took great care of him and made sure my little man was out of danger before sending us home! So glad we have these guys so close to us!!!

Vicki Brown

I called the 2nd floor nurses station for an update on my mom. Nurse was working halfway so I left message for her to call me. No call back so I called back two hours later, said would remind nurse to call me. I never received a call. When I got to the hospital later that evening I asked for a nurse to tell me what the doctor said. Nurse said she would be back shortly. I stayed three hours and nurse never returned. I'm not one to complain but really felt like I needed to this time.

Jenn Sandlin

From admitting in ER to being admitted for more care, I cannot say a single word against this place or the staff. First class care and treatment. If anyone is afraid of small town hospitals, try TMC Bonham. You will change your mind.

Jacob Davidson

Man they have really turned this place around ! Dr Blake is the coolest guy I've ever dealt with !! Definitely come back here now that I see how things have changed !!