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Consumer feedback about Trinity Hospital

Rating: 1 /5

Chrystal Johnson

Went in from a cat bite that quickly became infected. I was belittled for not coming in a few hours earlier. Granted I was admitted into the hospital almost asap, I then had to wait in a room, alone and in pain for at least an hour to see anyone. I was given 3 antibiotics and told to come back in two days to make sure that they were working, which I understand, but since I saw an ER doctor, they made me go back through the ER to see him. After bit of a wait, the doctor glanced at my hand and walked away. I had to ask a nurse to see if I was supposed to stay longer or leave. Turns out I was fine to go. They refused to let me see my bill until months later and once I did get them, they charged me for lab tests, TWO ER visits and then fees for seeing the doctor in the first place.

Rating: 5 /5

Denise Larsen

This is a great little hospital have taken great care of my 92 year old father multiple times when he needed to come in for various things like pneumonia. Very dedicated, skilled staff. So nice to have a local hospital that can handle emergencies so well.

Rating: 1 /5

Sabrina Owens

Worst hospital and care I have ever experienced. I would rate it less than a 1 star if it would let me. Took my 15 month old son in after he fell from a height of 5 feet and passed out. He was conscious when we arrived so they had us wait in the waiting room...for over an hour! Didn't even give him a once over before making us wait. Once in there they said we can't do much but monitor him so you can stay here for 6 hours or you can go to Mercy Hospital if you want tests ran. The floor had dirt on it, there was no sheet on the bed, and the tools hanging on the wall were disgustingly dirty (the tools they exam ears, nose, eyes with etc.) I received a bill from the physician which I paid without question since he was seen by an MD but the doctor did not have the right tools at his disposal to provide proper care. 5 months later I get a bill from the hospital for $500 after my insurance already paid almost $400. When I called to ask what services I was paying for I got the run around. After 7 phones call, no joke, I was told that "we have overhead". They ran no test, gave him no medicine, and the place was somewhere I wouldn't even put my purse down. I paid my bill and will make certain I do not have to go there again. I would have rather driven the extra 45 minutes to have my son properly examined and to actually have my money go towards a decent hospital. If they have to send all their patients to Mercy to get proper care maybe they should take a lesson or two.

Rating: 1 /5

Janice Perkins!

Took my husband there,he had a mass on his neck,couldn't swallow,couldn't open his mouth ,the Dr sent him home saying to use OTC sore throat products and sip hot beverages. 36 hours later he was being rushed to surgery at a Redding hospital,spent a few days in ICU intubated,with IV antibiotics and nearly died. If they had just did a simple blood test,they would have seen he had a massive infection that needed further treatment,wouldn't take my dog there!

Rating: 1 /5

carmen sierra

Their mistakes have cost my son's and my mother's life. They will misdiagnosis and kill your family