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400 N Main St, Warsaw, NY 14569, USA
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Consumer feedback about Wyoming County Community Hospital

Rating: 5 /5

Barbara Sceusa

Everything went according to plan, except....pain control was excellent. Not what I expected after having my other knee replaced in Rochester. Everything and everyone dovetailed my care so that nothing was missing. I have many allergies and am a vegetarian....didn't even make the dietitian pause. She had great suggestions and introduced me to a few new things. The anesthesiologist was gifted. Just enough to fog me when they did the spinal and then I was there again. Everything had been explained to me, so there were no procedural surprises. The surgeon was always grinning when he saw me walking around in my room, without the walker or a cane. The nursing staff, support staff, technicians, even the cleaning crew were all great. Went home in three days, tossed the walker in three days, tossed the cane from the start. Did all my rehab work myself. Alas I have only one knee to give to the cause. :-)

Rating: 5 /5

Michelle Grohs

Outstanding nursing care! Extreamly compassionate and dedicated individuals caring for our community.

Rating: 5 /5

Bridget Givens

Best mental health unit staff and team! Person centered, caring and compassionate!

Rating: 1 /5

Dan B

The place to go if you want to be mocked by a nurse for your disabilities. Because of her, I will never go to a Dr again. Don't go to Buffalo general either. After a 10 hr spine surgery in Buffalo i was robbed in my bed by a nurse who stole 30 dollars from me. To heck with all hospitals.

Rating: 1 /5

B Lav

If there was a no stars button that's what I would put....over the weekend a family member of mine was taken to this hospital ER. It was unreal to me that I was told I couldn't go in to see my family member as supposedly directed by the police department...over 5 hours of excruciating waiting and wondering what was going on I wound up calling the police department and asking why they would direct them not to allow us to be with our loved one....they advised they would look into it and call me back....needless to say within 10 minutes of this call we were called in to immediately talk to the dr and he made a decision to transfer our family member out to buffalo as he felt it was warranted because of how serious he diagnosed our family member...after getting this news I asked if fm had to go to buffalo that we wanted fm to go to Rochester...met with aggravated response that he had already been on the phone for over an hour with buffalo but he would now try to get fm into was transported to Rochester and started to improve significantly and dr in warsaw was way off the mark and fm was diagnosed with something so very different by Dr in ICU....I'm glad the decision was made to take fm to Rochester and they discharged fm after one day from ICU with clean bill of health!! Will NEVER go back there again and will tell everyone I know not to trust their ER drs call especially in serious decisions. No excuses they make will ever convince me to believe their incompetence. Despite all of this I will say that the nurses were fantastic!! They definitely deserve the only recognition in our situation...