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1000 W 8th Ave, Yuma, CO 80759, USA
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Consumer feedback about Yuma District Hospital

Rating: 2 /5

Patricia Ruhaak

My family received a final notice in June for over a $7k charge. The problem, is that in the course of a year, we did not receive a single bill. We immediately called and were told that they showed the bills were returned. When I asked, they had been mailed to an address nearly 10 years old. The funny thing is, not only do we update the address every single time we are there, but they had the correct address to send the final notice. How is that? The billing department also claimed to have called and left voicemails. We pulled our phone records and determined that was a lie. I called their public relations department and filed a complaint with the billing department. Their only solution was for us to pay the bill in full in a one month span....of 7k, or take a 5 year bank loan in order for the debts to be paid. Many families in rural areas cannot make a 7 thousand dollar payment at the drop of a hat. The hospital and billing department took zero accountability for their complete lack of the job description of billing, which would be to bill people. In fact, they often responded with, "well it's your responsibility to know you have to pay." Which is great. I would gladly pay my bill. If you send it to me so I know how much it is, what it is for, and where to pay. Thankfully, a select few individuals have been able to work with us a bit to stave off a bank loan and collections. I would not recommend their services. For a CT with/without contrast, their average is nearly 3k more than the national average. Cherry Creek imaging offers the same for $300. Definitely worth the gas and mileage to drive to the front range rather than pay that type of mark up, and that's if you are lucky enough to receive a bill. I have heard many people experience these same types of problems. Go somewhere else. It's worth the drive, will save you a headache, a bank loan, and about 7 grand in unknown debt.

Rating: 5 /5

Travis R.

City hospitals have nothing on ours... I leave Denver to come here if I need a check up or one on one.

Rating: 5 /5

Harvinder Singh

Good Service

Rating: 1 /5

Darren Danke

Rude, slow and improperly bills things.

Rating: 5 /5

Ken Lyon

In july, 2015 I was taken off the Amtrak to Yuma District Hospital with heart pain. The EMT's that transported me were very professional, and the folks at the hospital were also not only professional, but caring and attentive. The nurses took the time to print out all my hospital records so I could take them with me--which is rather unusual. I have to give special attention to the meals. I chose from a complete menu and the meals were prepared in the same kitchen as cooked for the hospital cafe. And they were very good--not "hospital food" at all. A special thanks goes to nurse Deb and husband Randy Wilkins, who took the time to drive us from the hospital to the nearest train station to reboard the train the next day--a 50-mile trip!