Victoza Class Action Lawsuit

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Victoza Lawsuit Class Action Lawsuit

Victoza (Liraglutide) is a derivative of the hormone incretin and is used to treat type 2 diabetes.

Lawsuits against Victoza manufactures are alleging that taking the drug may cause pancreatic cancer. Several similar incretin drugs have also been linked to pancreatic cancer, and manufacturers Novo Nordisk, Merck, Eli Lilly, and others now face multidistrict litigation in Southern California with over 700 combined lawsuits.

What is Victoza?

Victoza is a derivative of the incretin hormone that occurs naturally within your body. It works to help control blood sugar levels, insulin levels and digestion. Together with dieting and exercise, it is used to combat type 2 diabetes in adults and children 10 years of age and older. It may also combat heart problems such as heart attacks and strokes in adults. It is typically given as a diabetes medicine after other diabetes medication has failed. However, plaintiffs of the Victoza class action lawsuit alleges that the drug also causes an increased risk of pancreatic cancer and that the manufacturer has failed to warn of this serious health risk. 

Can Victoza Cause Pancreatic Cancer?

Victoza and other incretin-like drugs can regulate the release of insulin in the body. Victoza, in particular, does this by mimicking a hormone called Glucagon-Like Peptide-1 (GLP-1).

Researchers have suspected that this could overstimulate the pancreas, and even cause the pancreas cells to multiply. Taking a similar drug, Januvia, results in being ten times more likely to be diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, according to the FDA’s adverse event database.

However, it is still unclear from the research exactly how incretin-like drugs trigger pancreatic cancer. The FDA has asked researchers to investigate the cancer correlations in greater depth.

But as the research continues, complaints from patients taking Victoza continue to mount. Over 2,500 Victoza patients have complained about pancreatic side effects to the FDA.

Most of these complaints allege pancreatitis (inflammation of the pancreas) from their incretin medications.

The American Cancer Society has warned that sufferers of chronic pancreatitis may be at greater risk of developing pancreatic cancer.

Did Novo Nordisk Mislead Doctors and Patients About Victoza’s Safety?

Whistleblowers have alleged that Novo Nordisk misled doctors on Victoza’s patient safety. The allegations include paying kickbacks and leaving doctors with a misleading impression that the drug risks were not significant.

It was also claimed that the company had sales personnel improperly pose and medical educators.

In September 2017, Novo Nordisk settled for nearly $60 million with the Department of Justice. This settlement included over $12 million to settle claims brought against the drug manufacturer for allegedly violating the Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act.

What is Alleged in the Victoza Lawsuits?

The lawsuits against the manufacturer of Victoza allege:

  • Taking Victoza increased patients’ risk of pancreatic cancer
  • Novo Nordisk failed to warn patients about the cancer risk properly
  • Novo Nordisk manufactured a drug with “unreasonable and dangerous side effects”
  • Novo Nordisk did not properly make the risks clear to physicians

Who is Eligible for A Class Action Lawsuit?

f you or a loved one have ever taken Victoza or other incretin mimetics, as prescribed by your doctor, and were diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, you could be eligible to file for a lawsuit.

What Expenses Can Recovered?

The resulting forms of compensation can be recovered from a class action lawsuit:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Medical bills
  • Loss of wages