What happens when they settle

What Happens When Class Action Lawsuits Settle?

Once a class action suit is finalized and no further appeals are possible, the settlement of the suit begins. This can also happen if both the drug company and the lead plaintiffs suing the drug company on behalf of the class members agree to reach a final settlement in order to avoid any further trials.

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The settlement each class member of a class action drug lawsuit receives is based on multiple factors such as type of harm suffered, which can range from impaired health to death in some cases.

Regardless of whether the final settlement is decided by a trial, appeal court, or negotiated settlement, it must be approved by the court as fairly compensating members of the class.
Class members will be notified via email or letter regarding the settlement details and how they can claim their portion of the compensation.

Final settlements often require extensive advertising campaigns to make sure sure anyone who could be a member of the class knows about the possibility of receiving a portion of the award decided by the court and gets instructions on how to do that. The attorneys are usually paid out as portion of the of the overall settlement fund.

Settlements can take many forms, including direct cash payments, or subsidized or free testing and treatment for any medical issues arising from using the drugs.