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Class Action Lawsuits

What Are Class Action Lawsuits? A class action lawsuit is when a person or a small group of people, the lead Plaintiffs, sue for harm they have suffered, but do so in the interests of a larger group who have been harmed in the same way.
People in this larger group are known as “members of the class,” and they do not have to be actively involved in the lawsuit claim, but can still benefit from any favorable court decisions. People in the class must be notified and given the choice to opt out or find their own lawyer, if they want.

The injuries suffered by those in a class action suit can be physical, emotional, or financial, and class actions suits typically seek the awarding of “damages,” or financial compensation to all members of the class.

Class action lawsuits against pharmaceutical companies for harm caused by medications are called dangerous drug lawsuits. While the dangerous drug lawsuits can be filed for an individual, they are typically filed as class action suits for the benefit of everyone who may have been hurt by the drugs.