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Bridge is an enterprise patient portal and patient engagement solution for health care organizations and their patients. It is suitable for organizations seeking to replace their existing EHR system’s patient portal, connect disparate EHR environments with a single patient portal or consolidate patient engagement tools with a single patient engagement solution.

Bridge engages patients with automated electronic communication and multi-platform access to health, financial and appointment information. With Bridge’s all-in-one patient engagement solution, health care organizations can improve patient-physician collaboration, care outcomes and business profitability.

Bridge is an award-winning enterprise patient engagement solution for healthcare organizations. The platform allows companies to replace their existing EHR’s patient portal, connect multiple health IT systems, consolidate patient engagement tools, and launch a digital front door. Scalable and easy to deploy, the solution is ONC 2015 Edition Certified and available as a client-branded web application and mobile app for Android and iOS.

Bridge streamlines the patient experience by automating the entire care journey. Patients are kept engaged with customizable electronic communications, and multi-platform access to health, financial, and appointment information. Features include self-scheduling, health information access, secure patient-provider messaging, mobile intake, bill pay, telemedicine and much more. With a fully-documented and free API, healthcare organizations can easily create their own interfaces, add-on features, and run advanced reports. Founded in 2012 and headquartered in Dallas, Texas, Bridge is trusted by outpatient groups, specialty clinics, hospitals and EHR vendors as their patient engagement solution of choice.

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Jonathan Alvarez

It is always a pleasure to work with the Bridge team.

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