DAQbilling by CompuGroup Medical (CGM) is a medical billing and patient scheduling system designed to streamline medical billing. The solution covers eligibility inquiries, claim submission, and payment posting. The system has an intuitive and user-friendly interface for office staff and physicians to learn the system quickly, ensuring that each practice is running at full capacity.

The claim entry process is simplified, and DAQbilling works to reduce errors and help doctors receive payment in a timely and accurate manner. All billing profiles are completely customizable, giving doctors and office staff maximum control of claim data, while also helping improve claim accuracy. The application has a built-in clearinghouse for automated referral, authorization tracking, and eligibility verification.

DAQbilling system is web-based, and features a virtual lobby to organize patients seen and automate the billing entry process. The system integrates with our EMR-solution CGM WebEHR, Lab Solution CGM LabDAQ and other 3rd party systems, providing maximum flexibility and cohesion within a medical practice.

Operating Systems
  • Windows

As the healthcare industry transitions to new care delivery and provider reimbursement models, there has been an increased demand for information technology that supports improved quality, greater efficiency and better coordination of care. CompuGroup Medical US is here to meet that demand.

CGM ENTERPRISE PM™ and CGM ENTERPRISE EHR™ are solutions that are flexible enough to meet the needs of a variety of organizations today and adapt to the changing demands of value-based care tomorrow. As a reflection of the productivity gains that CGM ENTERPRISE offers, a number of leading health systems, Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs) and Community Health Centers (CHCs) around the nation have already successfully adopted these solutions. As a result, they have experienced measurable gains in productivity, quality and population health management.

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