C-Suite EMR Software

Clinic Service Corporation provides practice management solutions to private medical practices in the United States.  In addition to billing services, CSC assists practices with Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system implementation, business plan development, HIPAA compliance, small business management, and managed care contracting.


C-Suite, CSC's EMR software system, has a relevant and clean user interface so it’s easy and intuitive to use, which means any physician can begin using it immediately. It meets all Meaningful Use criteria while also providing you with actionable reports and data. The price of C-Suite EMR software is also reasonable. It’s a web-based solution so that means you don’t need to invest in expensive hardware or software. The solution is available on a pay-per-use basis, so you only pay for what you use.

Company:C-Suite EMR Software
Practice size:1 Physician, 11-25 Physicians, 2 Physicians, 26-50 Physicians, 3-5 Physicians, 6-10 Physicians
System type:Web/Cloud Solutions
Additional criteria:ONC-ATCB Certified
Product Name:
Medical, EMR & EHR software Pricing Guide
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