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DIApro EMR is GAIA Software’s completely integrated suite of applications for dialysis center management. With DIApro, you can now manage your entire operation – from scheduling to lab results and reporting and billing – through a single suite of applications that work together seamlessly. DIApro makes your facility more efficient and reliable, enhances patient care, and enables the caregiver to focus on the issues that matter most.

Integration is the key to the DIApro suite of software applications for dialysis centers. The gatekeeper for the entire system is the DIApro EMR patient management application.

Some of the benefits of the system:

  • Single data entry points means more accurate data and reporting
  • Immediate patient overviews or facility snapshots
  • Saves time and enhances care
  • Fully integrated with all DIApro applications – including billing

EMR Features

  • Patented staff and patient scheduling module
  • Track patient data on a treatment by treatment basis
  • Manual or chairside charting solutions
  • Patient Flowsheets
  • Prescription, dietary and social work tracking
  • Machine interface for most machines in U.S.
  • Custom Reporting – including graphical interpretations
  • Physician Rounding
  • Home PD
  • KT/V Calculations
  • CrownWeb reporting


DIApro Scheduling is a powerful tool that allows any dialysis center to maximize its staffing options based on the needs of patients. Our patented software reduces load on your staff and allows managers to view issues in advance and find solutions before they become problems. The software updates in real-time, showing the impact of Treatment for each day.

DIApro Scheduling provides consistency for scheduling patients and staff (both RN and non-RN staff) and allows managers to eliminate some of the chaos of daily operations. Effective scheduling also means better care and less rework for caregivers.

CrownWeb Reporting

The DIApro EMR comes with a complete CrownWeb reporting feature. This feature allows staff to complete reporting in the easiest and most efficient manner. Our EHR organizes CrownWeb data into simple reports that eliminate hours of data collection required for accurate reporting to CMS.

Our versatile platform and technology gives Physicians, Nurses and Managers access to patient data via Pocket PC, Notebook Tablet, the Internet or any network or server computer.

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