doc2MD EMR Software

The doc2MD software system is an Electronic Medical Records (EMR) software which allows a Dermatologist  to quickly and accurately document a patient encounter.


The doc2MD EMR software:

• Is designed for a dermatology practice.

• Specifically addresses practice challenges that generic EMR systems cannot.

• Is cost-effective. Priced from $49.95 per month for 1-3 physicians. Each additional physician is $20 per physician, per month.

• Will significantly enhance office productivity.

• Will be provided with 30 free days of technical support.

• Quickly and accurately documents each dermatology encounter in such a manner as to pass a Medicare and/or insurance audit.

• Easily interfaces with your practice management system (PMS) and electronic medical records (EMR) system.

• Is designed to enable you to participate in dermatology pay-for-performance measures.

• Document cosmetic procedures such as Botox ®, Fillers and Schlerotherapy.

• And now with the Mohs Module (with no additional cost), you can manage your Mohs documentation with the same intuitive interface that you are used to.


Doc2MD software is a dermatology-specific, easy-to-use, cost effective electronic medical record (EMR) software that can optimize your practices efficiency.

Company:doc2MD EMR Software
Practice size:> 1000 Physicians, 1 Physician, 101-250 Physicians, 11-25 Physicians, 2 Physicians, 251-1000 Physicians, 26-50 Physicians, 3-5 Physicians, 51-100 Physicians, 6-10 Physicians
System type:Desktop/Server, Web/Cloud Solutions
Additional criteria:Drummond Certified
Product Name:doc2MD EMR
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