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Documentor, designed by EON systems, is an innovative healthcare documentation software program. With Documentor, you don’t have to weed through ten or more screens of information just to document the patients visit. Documentor, using EONs Flow-Sensitive design, allows you to see only what you need to see.

Documentor is an EHR note writing program that allows you to see your note as you are writing it. Gone are the days of waiting until you are finished before you can even see it. And with a Tablet PC you can write your notes as you see your patient.

Documentor is not a canned note package. It allows you to change the electronic medical record (EMR) note so that it says exactly what you want to say. In fact, Documentor is so customizable, you can even design your own EHR note from scratch if you want. Documentor comes with dozens of EHR notes and documents so that you can choose the ones you want to use. Specialty EMR notes are also available for purchase.

With Documentor, Chiropractic, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, Acupuncture, Multi-Disciplinary and even Medical EHR notes are a snap. Ever gone to a seminar and found out that you needed to change your note for some new rule or regulation? With Documentor, you don’t have to change software, just change your note.

Documentor gives you two different ways to see all of the previous patient EHR notes: view them as short hand or long hand. Documentor also makes it easy to see all of the previous EMR notes you have done on your patient, including evals, exams and daily SOAPs. Documentor, when used as part of the Digital Office, will even pull the CPT codes and descriptions from your note and electronically transmit them to the front desk, completely eliminating the need for paper fee slips or travel cards, thereby dramatically reducing errors and omissions in insurance billing and coding.

Documentor can be used by itself, or as an integral part of the Digital Office.Take the next step. Look for yourself and see what Documentor can do for you. Check to see the hardware recommendations needed to get the most out of Documentor.

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Karen Smith

Love this business! Great people & great business! Thank you all for your help with our new Touch Screen Monitor for our school's coffee shop! Loving the printer and change drawer as well! You are the BEST! Karen Smith

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