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Create your templates as you do your notes, thereby building a library of templates that are unique to your practice. You can also build on the 100 included templates. Some template tools include picking one or multiple answers from a list of possible answers correctly formatted with commas, the word and, etc. Templates for your notes may be of any length with many options. Template-macros can repeat with proper ending and punctuation during or after their execution. Utilize full formatting features like bold, underline, font, font size, justification, indentation, font color, etc. Take advantage of full Windows editing with the ability to cut, copy and paste from any Windows application. One click and your note is transformed into a letter addressed to the referring physician. Sign and send it! Spell check and thesaurus are included along with a code view feature. This enables you to easily find the variables used in your templates. Because of the complete integration between SamNotes and the Sammy programs, you never need to type in ANY patient information. The entire patient system is available for automatic use. Everything is saved in MS Word format, which is viewable at any time in Sammy or MS Word. Print, fax or e-mail directly from the program. There is no need to export or start another program for these functions. SamNotes works with voice dictation programs for those who prefer not to type. You can dictate and control over 99% of the process with your voice.

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