Insight EMR and Billing by Clinicient

Clinicient provides a web-based and mobile therapy-specific EMR designed to improve the therapist experience by offering an all-in-one solution with scheduling, documentation, telehealth and reporting, resulting in improved efficiency and the flexibility to manage patient care. Organizations can manage schedules effectively, integrating into existing systems if desired. Clinicient’s documentation suite is designed for and by therapists and is customized to simplify charting while remaining compliant. Tools for rules-based billing by insurance automate processes, optimize payments, and reduce denials. Business Analytics tools allow practices to measure key metrics on demand, providing actionable insight into practice health.

Total Insight offers a full comprehensive suite (scheduling, documentation, billing, and reporting) as well as revenue cycle services. Clinicient’s revenue cycle team provides services to bill completely and compliantly, speed collections through daily billing, payment posting and follow-up, and help your organization collect what you’re rightfully owed.

Insight offers a comprehensive suite (including scheduling, documentation, billing, and reporting) that allows you to retain your billing in-house if desired while still capitalizing on the benefits from the Insight Solution.

Insight EMR provides EMR and Scheduling Software that integrates seamlessly into your other hospital systems to fit customized therapy workflows while retaining a single source of truth.

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