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Medamation SoloMD

If youre a medical professional looking for help in documenting patient, Medamation SoloMD is just the product for you. SoloMD provide all of the functionality to make fast, accurate, and efficient medical charts required for documenting patient visits. Using Dragon NaturallySpeaking for Small Medical Practices can make entry of patient information using voice recognition smooth and effortless. Templates allow for the pre-definition of specific information that is repeatable based on the type of treatment. Medical professionals can easily define default information. Fast, easy, and efficient, SoloMD makes your Medical Charting look professional and saves you time.

  • For solo practices of a medical professional or student.
  • Allows users to create, store and manage patient notes, prescriptions and aftercare instructions.
  • Allows generation of automatic referral letters integrating content from patient notes.
  • Documents are created using any combination of personal Templates, and input via speech recognition, touch screen or keyboard.
  • Templates are quickly and easily created on the fly by the user.

Medamation SmallPracticeMD

Medamation SmallPracticeMD is specifically designed to handle the volume and complexity of a single office practice. Whether you are a chiropractor, veterinarian, or physicians office, the fast, efficient, and accurate documentation of patient visits is critical. Medamation is the worlds best charting solution. Medamation SmallPracticeMD has the ability to create charts through the use of QUICKCHARTS and INSTI-SELECT allowing you to create once and use many times. Each chart is customized for the specific medical professional, ensuring the information is consistent, accurate, and managed. By storing the information in a database rather then as a file, Medamation makes the sharing of information and the creation of custom reports fast and easy.

  • For a single practice or clinic location.
  • More robust in the networked environment.
Security features:
  • The program stores visits by location so that records can have separate headers for each location.
  • Patient data can be automatically brought forward from previous notes into new notes despite encounter location.
  • The template feature has been enhanced to allow Users to select all default choices in a template with a single click of the mouse.
  • Templates include the INSTI-SELECT feature that allows users to create variable choices in their templates.
  • Templates can also be filtered by sex, age and frequency of use.
  • Allows users to electronically sign their documents and includes a built in spell checker.
  • Quickly document common variables or abnormal without re-dictating or re-typing them each time. “Type or say it once… save it as a template… and never type or say it again”!
  • Multimedia (including photographs, faxes, scanned EKGs/paper documents, etc.) can be attached to patient visits.

Medamation EnterpriseMD

If you are a large practice that has multiple offices, Medamation EnterpriseMD has the networking capabilities you are looking for the meet your toughest challenges. Medamation EnterpriseMD provides a single repository for the storage of medical charts. Each office can independently operate for the creation of medical charts and connect back to the enterprise server for synchronization. Medamation EnterpriseMD provides all of the capabilities of SmallPracticeMD.

  • For Emergency Department and Urgent Care use.
  • Allows synchronization between the Main Office and Satellite offices as well as mobile PCs (tablet PC/Laptops) so that all locations have all visit data.
  • All Physician Templates are stored by user allowing each physician to maintain their own personal charting style rather than all using one generic set of templates.
  • Physician Notes allow ‘Past Visit’ notes to be cloned forward (in part or in whole) into new visits and edited. This saves time for common repeat visits for patients that frequent the ED for the same chief complaint.
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