Medfusion Patient Portal

What is Medfusion Patient Portal?

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  • General Practice
  • General Practices

Operating Systems

  • Windows


  • Drummond

Service Types

  • Local


Is Active Yes

Dictation Method Manual

Tech Support Availability Monday-Friday

Training in office No


Support Hours


Training Costs Included

Training web based Yes

System Types N/A

Connection Speeds N/A


Medfusion Patient Portal User Reviews

10 reviews reviews

Billy Boy

HORRIBLE Software, which is used by my PC's practice. Half the time the prescription requests or messages never get through, as can be seen in the history. I shouldn't have to verify it was accepted by this junk software. ALSO, the way the database is set up looks like it was done by a kid. All the health information is jumbled together with no way to sort or organize it. The Prescription section doesn't keep track of anything. Mickey Mouse Software... It's been two years since they changed to it from a much better package. I wish they'd change back. All the positive reviews with no information to back it up I would guess to be employees. If you're looking for Medical Records software AVOID THIS!!!

Gordon Musch

The practice I see does not have a email for me in their database, or my EMR specific to that practice and specific to me. These people keep sending out email to me which our system administrator is unable to stop. The practice says they can do nothing about it, and so does Medfusion. They are NOT transparent and helpful. I can NOT recommend them, to any other practice.

tommy melvin


aishwarya ravichander

le'donna dewberry

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