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6 reviews
  • Cardiology
  • OB-Gyn
  • Orthopedics
  • Vascular Surgery
  • Urgent Care
Practice Sizes
  • 3 - 1000+ Physicians
  • Drummond

Medical Office EMR is a comprehensive suite of offerings including scheduling, provider dashboard and patient evaluation programs, computerized order entry, patient reminder systems, and an integrated PACS created by Medstreaming. DICOM images and DICOM structured reporting move directly into the EMR, and scheduling data are pushed automatically from the EMR to imaging acquisition devices in a single unified worklist solution, according to the company.

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(6 reviews)

Eric Ladenheim

Horrible business practices: We signed up for hosted software on AWS and we had an implementation failure: the software wouldn't work as promised. But Medstreaming collected prepayment for years worth of hosting on AWS which never got delivered and wouldn't return it so we have to sue them for it now. But their leasing company has to be sued in Orange County and Medstreaming has to be sued in Washington.

Mark Walker

I was not here.

Digital Piggy

Absolute Worst software and customer support EVER! We have been dealing with this company for quite some time and I can say it was one of the worst purchases we have ever made. They absolutely refuse to provide the install files for the client side software and insist on doing it themselves ON OUR HARDWARE! Trying to get tech support can take weeks if not months... if ever. Ever getting an email response is virtually impossible. Save yourself some headache and money. Look for another company.

Ali Elseaidy

Amanda Coria

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