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  • Pediatrics

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  • Drummond

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About Physician's Computer Company

For the private pediatric practice looking for more than a generic records and billing solution, PCC is the answer, providing on-premise, pediatric-focused billing and charting functionality. PCC works with pediatric offices of all sizes, from solo practitioners and midsize offices, to large offices with anywhere from 20 to 50 pediatricians on staff. Multiple locations are also supported.

PCC has two core products, PCC EHR and Pediatric Partner. PCC EHR is a powerful charting tool that offers pediatric-specific features like growth charts, immunization tracking and Bright Futures pediatric protocols in an intuitive interface. PCC EHR makes workflow management easy with its unique, customizable "chart ribbon", which moves smoothly through each patient encounter, from vitals to physical exams to patient education.

With comprehensive scheduling and billing capabilities, Pediatric Partner Billing and Practice Management System provides effective tools to run an efficient office and generate revenue in the high volume pediatrics industry. Customized patient information can improve home care and reduce post-visit phone calls by reminding parents of specific care instructions. Patient recall ensures regular, scheduled visits.

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