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Physicians Computer Company develops and supports pediatric-specific practice management and medical record software. PCC (Physician’s Computer Company) is an established software solutions firm that works only to fulfill the needs of independent pediatricians around the country. Since 1983, PCC has developed tools, offered training, and provided support to independent pediatric practices seeking to enhance the health of their patients while also improving their operations & administration. Their software aims to be user-customizable.

What is the pricing model of Physician’s Computer Company software?

PCC provides a comprehensive bundle of pediatric-specific technology, service, and assistance for a fixed monthly charge, with no additional costs or unexpected expenses.
Your complete billing for EHR, medical billing, and support expenses will always be consistent. Even if you require intensive training, custom analysis, and reporting, after-hours support, or multiple changes to your EHR templates, your pricing remains constant.

The standard contract period is three years, and if you terminate early, a termination fee applies. To cover the expense of the electronic token, providers must pay a nominal one-time fee when enrolling in Electronic Prescribing of Controlled Substances (EPCS).

What are the solutions offered by PCC?

With over 35+ years of industry expertise, Physician’s Computer Company has two core products, PCC EHR and Pediatric Partner. PCC EHR is a powerful charting tool that offers pediatric-specific features like growth charts, immunization tracking, and Bright Futures pediatric protocols in an intuitive interface. PCC EHR makes workflow management effortless with its unique, customizable chart ribbon, which moves smoothly through each patient encounter, from vitals to physical exams to patient education.

With comprehensive scheduling and billing capabilities, Pediatric Partner Billing and Practice Management System provide effective tools to run an efficient office and generate revenue in the high-volume pediatrics industry. Customized patient information can improve home care and reduce post-visit phone calls by reminding parents of specific care instructions. Patient recall ensures regular, scheduled visits.

In addition, it also offers the following:

  • Financial Management Tools
  • Clinical Workflow Tools
  • Mobile Solutions
  • PCC Interoperability
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