Patient Record Management - Add new patients, find existing patients, and edit personal information. The built-in Patient Finder uses smart-search to show you all of your patients matching a specific search criteria as you type.

Document Viewing - View documents stored in a patient's chart. Most file types, including modern multimedia such as video and audio files can be stored and viewed with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Document Filing and Importing - You can add documents and files to a patient's chart through the filing center or by importing them from the tab they belong in.

Document Faxing and Printing - You can print and fax documents right from the patient's chart, or add them to the Assembly feature to send or print multiple documents at once. Incoming faxes are received digitally in the filing center and can be processed in seconds.

Tasks and Messaging - Send messages and assign tasks during the flow of the patient visit. You can even request physician signatures or sign-off on documents without picking up a pen.

Familiar Chart Navigation - The Digital Chart Room was designed to look and operate like a paper chart. Tabs are colored and labeled and contain your documents and files. Drawers contain groups of tabs so your digital charts can represent multiple paper charts. You also can access documents through the Timeline Tab which shows every file in a patient's chart in a graphical view, organized by the date the file was added.

MS Office Forms and Templates - Upload your forms, templates, and flowsheets to your Digital Chart Room and use them just as you would if you were filling them out for a paper chart.

Provider Maintained PHR - The Personal Health Record component of simplifyMD gives allows you to provide your patients a link to their medical records that may prove to be life saving in an emergency situation. The PHR allows patients to log into their chart from any Internet-enabled device and view the parts of that chart that the physician allows.

System Integration - Through our partner WebReach, we can work with your practice management and billing systems to create an interface to your Digital Chart Room, if necessary.

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System type:Desktop/Server, Web/Cloud Solutions
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Product Name:The Digital Chart Room
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