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Sonosoft is a cloud-based electronic medical record (EMR) solution that assists service providers with various tools to record patient visits, manage reporting routines and other clinical procedures. Key features include encounter reporting, patient management, claims management and practice management.

Sonosoft’s patient reporting feature helps office managers to schedule appointments, generate reports and medical bills. It also enables users to send automated appointment reminders to patients via SMS.

Sonosoft’s claims management feature assists physicians with documentations to support claims send to insurance companies. It also allows users to track pending approvals and claims, create batch entries for insurance checks and send automatic alerts for claims submissions.

Sonosoft’s inventory control feature helps users to keep a record of stock level and provides reminders at the time of re-ordering the stock. Additionally, it offers electronic signature, credit card processing and encounter reporting. The solution offers technical support via phone and email.

  • General Practices
  • General Practice
Operating Systems
  • Windows
Practice Sizes
  • 11 - 50 Physicians

Sonosoft Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Software FOR A FASTER, BETTER WAY TO DOCUMENT YOUR PATIENT VISITS, EXAMS AND PROCEDURES: SonoSoft electronic health record software is your answer. SonoSoft is a simple “point and click” solution to eliminating dictation that won’t slow you down. Time is one of your most valued assets and is limited. For this reason, working smarter and not harder is essential. SonoSoft Saves Time!

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(1 reviews)

Mike A

I recommend SonoSoft as the EHR of choice for my vein practice. We started with a very general EHR, not designed for a vein practice specifically, and it took a lot of effort to make it workable. When circumstances changed and we were going to be forced into a 5 year contract, I decided to switch to a vein-specific EHR. That was a good decision – but our choice of providers wasn’t. I went with StreamlineMD, and it turned out to be a frustrating and expensive mistake. After six months of trying to make it work, including paying for extra office staff to enter stuff, I decided to stop throwing good money after bad and switch. I got SonoSoft – and it’s been great! It’s so much simpler and more intuitive. I can make changes to templates myself – not have to call and talk to a voicemail or email my changes , wait days for them to be made, and pay for support time for every little change. The technical support is timely; if they don’t answer when you call (which is uncommon), they really do call you back within the hour. And if something doesn’t work right, they make an effort to figure it out, not treat the customer like they don’t know what they’re doing. My coders and billers tell me it’s much easier from their end also, and my ultrasonographer says he no longer finds that making a small change in a report accidentally erases everything he already entered so that he has to start over! It’s been a month now, and already everything is flowing much more smoothly. Highly recommended

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