Sunrise Ambulatory Care

Practice Sizes:

11 - 50 Physicians


Drummond, HIT, ONC


General Practice, General Practices

Operating Systems:


Dictation Methods:


Sunrise Ambulatory Care is a complete solution for outpatient care that allows ambulatory practices to operate more efficiently through every stage of care and administration. Physicians can use the same user-friendly tools across outpatient and inpatient rather than having to learn multiple systems.
As patients move from one environment to another, Sunrise Ambulatory Care tracks the vital processes related to the current orders, medications, results and documents to help ensure safety at every stage and handoff.

Because Sunrise was developed decision support first, Sunrise Ambulatory Care supports highly configurable workflows and advanced clinical guidance to empower you to readily turn insights into outcomes and adapt to rapid changes in the industry. As a result, you and your patients realize the benefit of new clinical protocols more quickly.



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