Therapractic Management Systems

Therapractic Management Systems is a practice management solution for mental health professionals which focuses on HIPAA, Medicare and Medicaid compliance. It is a cloud-based service suitable for all types of mental health professionals, from individual practitioners to large facilities.

Local off-site staff handles client correspondence, referrals and insurance claims. Practitioners can also manage notes, assessment forms and consent forms. Handwritten notes can be scanned and uploaded. The solution uses firewalls, encryption and backups to comply with security regulations, and it provides users with easily-accessible and safely-stored medical records

Therapractic can inform local doctors, hospitals, referral centers and insurance carriers about practitioner specializations and availability. Referrals can be transferred and received within the Therapractic network. Users have access to an online, modifiable HIPAA-based policy and procedure manual, and information access levels can be configured for on-premise staff.

Pricing is per-user, per-month and is based on the number of users.

  • Psychiatry
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