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Practice Sizes
  • 1 - 100+ Physicians

ezEMRx offers an integrated clinical EMR system for Health Clinics, Practices and Public Health Clinics. ezEMRx is a TOI Health care innovation and is dedicated to developing excellent products with great customer support. ezEMRxPrivate 7.00 is CCHIT 08 Certified for Ambulatory Care.

ezEMRxPrivate is geared towards private clinics, single or group practices. The product is easily customizable to fit any practice or physicians requirements.

ezEMRxPublic is oriented towards county clinics, state health departments and local health departments.

ezEMRx unique tab layout allows the caputre of discrete clinical information making reporting a breeze with the ezEMRx product lines. System interpoerability is acheived using standard practices such as data exchange via HL7 specifications and CCD/C32 electronic exchange.

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