What is Medicare Part B?

What it covers: Outpatient Insurance

Medicare Part B includes (but not limited to) the following medical services and supplies

  • Doctor visits

  • Emergency ambulance services

  • Laboratory tests and X-rays

  • Durable medical equipment

  • Mental health services

  • Preventive services, such as flu shots, pap tests, and screenings

  • Rehabilitative services, including occupational therapy, speech-language pathology services, and physical therapy

In general, medical procedures that don’t require an overnight stay at a hospital or nursing home or skilled at-home care are covered by Medicare Part B.

Who does it cover

Medicare Part B is outpatient medical insurance offered by the federal government to United States citizens and legal immigrants. You’re eligible if you’re 65 and older. Also certain disabilities can qualify you under age 65. Individuals who are eligible for premium-free Medicare Part A are also eligible for enroll in Part B once they are entitled to Medicare Part A.

Medicare Part B provides coverage for outpatient services necessary to treat medical conditions, such as doctor’s visits, lab work, x-rays, outpatient surgeries, preventive services, and medical equipment. Medicare Part A provides coverage for hospital related costs such as hospital stays, nursing care, hospice, and home-health care.

While many people qualify for premium-free Medicare Part A coverage, everyone has to pay insurance premiums for Medicare Part B.

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