4medica iEHR

4medica iEHR

Delivering True Clinical Integration

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Company: 4medica
Specialties: Pathology (Anatomic/Clinical)
Platforms: Web
Practice Target Size: Medium(11-50 doctors)
Demo: 4medica.com

Active: Yes
Certification: CCHIT
Basic Info: Complete
Dictation Method: Voice
Availability of Tech Support: Yes
Training in Office: No
Training Web Based: No
Training Costs: We would be happy to introduce you to the most comprehensive cloud-based health information exchange and electronic health record solutions in the industry.Please contact us: Phone: 310-695-3300 Option 1Email: marketing@4medica.com
Recommended Internet Connection Speed:
Demonstration Link:

Why 4medica iEHR?


Why 4medica?ADVANCED DATA SECURITY4medica technology conforms to the highest levels of patient privacy, security, confidentiality, integrity, audit and informed consent requirements. Authorized clinicians can access aggregated patient information 24x7 via 4medica’s application, supporting the efficient delivery of care, research and public health reporting.