AdvantaChart EHR

AdvantaChart EHR

The Specialty Specific EHR

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Company: AdvantaChart
Specialties: General Practice, General Practices
Platforms: Web
Practice Target Size:

EHR for specialty practice

Active: Yes
Certification: Drummond Group
Basic Info: Complete
Dictation Method: Voice
Availability of Tech Support: Yes
Training in Office: No
Training Web Based: Yes
Training Costs: Unknown
Recommended Internet Connection Speed:
Demonstration Link:

Why AdvantaChart EHR?


Designed in partnership with OB/GYNs, AdvantaChart™ is a powerful electronic health records (EHR) system that mirrors the established workflow process of OB/GYN offices. This windows & cloud-based program operates on each office`s own network to combine imaging, data recognition, and other leading edge technology to create, maintain, and provide access to patient records.