Meaningful Use Certified. MACRA Ready In order to use our software, all your practice needs is an internet connection and a web browser. That’s right, no software to download and no third party software. You can even run the program on the operating system of your choice, whether that be Windows ,Mac, iPad, or even Linux. With the technology that AllegianceMD incorporates into its system, the computer operating system is taken out of the picture, and with over 21 years designing web-based application, no-one can match our expertise when it comes to web-based solutions

Compa­ny:AllegianceMD EHR Software
Special­ties:General Practice, General Practices
Practice Target Size:
Basic Info:Complete
Dictation Method:Voice
Availability of Tech Support:Yes
Training in Office:Yes
Training Web Based:Yes
Training Costs:Unknown
Recommended Internet Connection Speed:

Why AllegianceMD?

Advanced Data Security

Allegiance is committed to excellence, as evident in our AI web-based software and outstanding customer support. Our trained technicians and consultants stand ready to answer your questions, via phone or live chat online. No question is too small. And you can take advantage of our unlimited training.
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