Amazing Charts EHR

Amazing Charts EHR

EHR Patient Management Medical Building

Compa­ny:Amazing Charts
Special­ties:General Practice, General Practices
Practice Target Size:Medium(11-50 doctors)
Basic Info:Complete
Dictation Method:Voice
Availability of Tech Support:Yes
Training in Office:Yes
Training Web Based:Yes
Training Costs:Yes
Recommended Internet Connection Speed:

Why Amazing Charts EHR?

Advanced Data Security

Amazing Charts was founded in 2001 by Jonathan Bertman, MD, FAAFP, a practicing family physician in Rhode Island. In 2017, Harris Healthcare acquired Amazing Charts to be the centerpiece of its healthcare group, which is comprised of several ambulatory care solutions. Today, Amazing Charts provides Electronic Health Record (EHR) and Practice Management (PM) software and Medical Billing services to primary care and specialty outpatient practices. Markets & Customers Focused on independent physician-owned practices Key differentiators: usability, fair pricing, and overall user satisfaction, 7,000+ unique practices in the United States and abroad 30,000+ clinicians and office staff currently using Amazing Charts
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