Aprima EHR

Aprima EHR

Ready to think outside the template? Our EHR, PM and RCM solutions are fast, friendly and designed to complement your workflow and adapt to your practice style, not the other way around.

Compa­ny: Aprima Medical Software
Platforms: Web
Practice Target Size: Medium(11-50 doctors)
Active: Yes
Certification: CCHIT, InfoGard
Basic Info: Complete
Dictation Method: Voice
Availability of Tech Support:
Training in Office:
Training Web Based: Yes
Training Costs: Unknown
Recommended Internet Connection Speed:

Why Aprima EHR?


At Aprima, we are 100% committed to the success of your practice. Our driving purpose is to ensure that physicians can deliver the best care for the best price. That vision has fueled our growth for more than 18 years.