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The EMR, also referred to as an EHR (Electronic Health Record), was originally designed with the patient and provider in mind. It goes beyond charting on paper by having patient medical history in one easy-to-use digital software. From treatment to diagnoses, an EMR ensures patient information is both secure and accessible.

Compa­ny: DocuTAP
Special­ties: Hospitalist
Platforms: Windows
Practice Target Size:
Active: Yes
Certification: Drummond Group
Basic Info: Complete
Dictation Method: Manual
Availability of Tech Support: 24 hour hotline
Training in Office: No
Training Web Based: Yes
Training Costs:
Recommended Internet Connection Speed:

Why DocuTAP?

Advanced Data Security

The dream started in May of 2000 when our founders knew that wireless devices would play an increasingly important role in the delivery of healthcare. From that day, DocuTAP software was designed for use on handheld wireless devices. But we didn’t design our product in a vacuum. We worked extensively with healthcare providers – the folks who actually use our solution – to create a product that fully integrates practice management and EMR functionality. Along the way, we’ve continued to gain a better understanding of every single aspect of the physician practice workflow. Today, one of our co-founders, Eric McDonald, serves as CEO. He leads client relations and provides vision for technology and product design while being viewed as a thought leader in the urgent care industry As our team continues to grow, we owe it to our customers to bring in the sharpest minds to keep our solution the best in the industry. Just as we intended to do back in May of 2000.

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