EZBIS Office

EZBIS Office

EZBIS chiropractic software has been created with the input of thousands of chiropractors over nearly four decades. EZBIS chiropractic software is the premier solution for patient accounting and billing, chiropractic electronic health records, appointment scheduling with automated reminders, patient self-check-in, insurance payment auto-posting, built-in credit card processing, inventory control, internet patient portal and more. EZBIS chiropractic EHR software is ONC-certified for the Merit-based Incentive Payment System. EZBIS is the most experienced developer of chiropractic software, servicing chiropractors since 1980.

Compa­ny:EZBIS inc
Platforms:Android, iOS, Linux, MacOS, Web, Windows
Practice Target Size:
Certification:Drummond Group
Basic Info:
Dictation Method:
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Training Costs:Unavailable
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