Intelligent Medical Software (IMS) Clinical

Intelligent Medical Software (IMS) Clinical

Designed with the provider workflow in mind, Intelligent Medical Software Clinical is a user-friendly system that’s proven to not only meet, but exceed, the needs of practices of all sizes. With local professional implementation, training, and support services, our electronic health records software is easy to implement and even easier to adopt. By implementing Intelligent Medical Software Clinical into your practice, you can see patients quickly and efficiently without jeopardizing the quality of the patient’s overall experience. Our software has the functionality your practice needs, available in a convenient electronic form.

Compa­ny:Meditab Software
Practice Target Size:
Certification:CCHIT; Surescripts
Basic Info:
Dictation Method:
Availability of Tech Support:
Training in Office:Yes
Training Web Based:Yes
Training Costs:Unavailable
Recommended Internet Connection Speed:

Why Intelligent Medical Software (IMS) Clinical?

Advanced Data Security

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