SCC Soft Computer`s LIS solution (SoftLab) provides quantifiable improvements in clinical outcomes, workflow efficiencies, and return on investment. Combined with its advanced integration capabilities, it is easy to understand why SoftLab is in use at many of the largest and most sophisticated hospital and laboratory environments around the world. SoftLab is a premier LIS that helps clients reach top productivity in the laboratory environment. It provides healthcare facilities with full multisite consolidation, flexible patient and management reporting, specimen tracking, and more. Organizations using SoftLab will appreciate significant productivity enhancements thanks to the systems critical result warning function, extensive call-management feature, and superior rules-based auto-verification. In addition, SoftLab provides improved fiscal management by greatly improving charge captures, reducing processing days in accounts receivable, and eliminating over-utilization, duplicate test orders, and combine test orders. SoftLab is built on the latest modem multi-tier client/server architecture. This includes CORBA (Common Object Request Broker Architecture) and Web Services, which promote enterprise-wide connectivity and allow the incorporation of new technologies. Information displayed onscreen is updated automatically and in real-time, making new critical patient data available instantly. Parallel processing is also utilized, minimizing system slowdown, even during peak volumes.

Compa­ny:SCC Soft Computer
Special­ties:General Practice, General Practices
Practice Target Size:Medium(11-50 doctors)
Certification:ONC HIT
Basic Info:Complete
Dictation Method:Manual
Availability of Tech Support:
Training in Office:
Training Web Based:
Training Costs:NA
Recommended Internet Connection Speed:

Why SoftLab?

Advanced Data Security

SCC offers full suites of clinical information system solutions that enable clients to meet the evolving needs of today’s laboratories. Considered a pioneer in developing laboratory and genetics information management systems, SCC has a history of success in accomplishing complex implementations in large, multisite environments.
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