Speedy Claims

Speedy Claims

Speedy Claims CMS 1500 Software may be the simplest and most powerful CMS 1500 insurance claim form software available anywhere. Find out why customers switch to Speedy Claims rather thn other CMS 1500 form-filling software providers.

Compa­ny:Speedy Soft
Special­ties:General Practice, General Practices
Practice Target Size:Medium(11-50 doctors)
Basic Info:Incomplete
Dictation Method:Manual
Availability of Tech Support:
Training in Office:
Training Web Based:
Training Costs:NA
Recommended Internet Connection Speed:

Why Speedy Claims?

Advanced Data Security

Speedy Claims became the top CMS 1500 Software by providing the best customer service imaginable to our thousands of clients all over America.We’re a part of your team. Every year for almost a decade, we’ve trusted medical professionals and administrators to suggest ways to make Speedy Claims even better than it already is. Implementing these suggestions is an important reason why more professionals switch to Speedy Claims than any other CMS 1500 form-filling software available.
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