CollaborateMD is a medical billing and practice management solution that helps practices and billing services of all sizes automate and streamline billing and coding processes. The system was designed to be both comprehensive and user-friendly, with an interface that can be learned by users of all experience levels. The solution is web-based, eliminating upfront and setup costs.

Compa­ny: unknown
Special­ties: General Practice, General Practices
Platforms: Windows
Practice Target Size:
Active: Yes
Certification: CCHIT
Basic Info: Complete
Dictation Method: Voice
Availability of Tech Support: Monday-Friday from 8AM-6PM (EDT)
Training in Office: No
Training Web Based: Yes
Training Costs:
Recommended Internet Connection Speed:

Why CollaborateMD?

Advanced Data Security

At CollaborateMD we are obsessed with getting your medical claims paid fast. All of us at CollaborateMD are here and ready to help make your life easier.
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